Craft Beer

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I love craft beer in fact, it’s how I end everyday! I am always on the hunt for hoppiness, and I hope you may join me! I love supporting local breweries and craft beertenders. 

First stop, Bolero Snort Brewery which is coming to Ridgefield Park soon. I had the pleasure of meeting Scott from BS at an event at the Plank Pizza Company, which is a pretty cool (but pricey) pizza/beer parlor. BS is a pretty awesome brewing company.  Is BS the combined first initials for Bob and Scott? Or is it Bachelor of Science or in this case Suds? According to their website, it’s an acronym for Bullsh*t, and they claim no BS – just ragin’ good beer! But the Bull on their cans affirms!

I think they can have a ton of fun with their name all together! Such as people with the initials BS, the musical instrument – baritone saxophone, the card game, balance sheet (accountants), bill of sale, backspace, big sister, or blown save (baseball season) – squared!  

Their year-round beers are an Amber Ale called Ragin’ Bull and an India Pale Ale called Rotatabull. Their occasional releases includes two IPA’s, three DIPA’s – one is called Pineapple Express and a Orange Cream Pop IPA – which I was able to try (thanks Scott) and was delicious; this is a beer I wouldn’t be afraid to have in the am, hey a Saturday/Sunday! They also have 17 seasonal releases – their Milk Stout is not to miss! They also have four special releases, one limited release and 5 anniversary releases; one for each year in business and last but not least a collaboration DIPA. 

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It’s on my agenda to visit our three other Bergen County breweries; Brix City Brewing in Little Ferry, The Alementary Brewing Company in Hackensack, and New Jersey Beer Company in North Bergen. Stay tuned!

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